Who we are

Tveon was founded in British Columbia, Canada in 2013. Our founding team of neuroscientists, mathematicians and video engineers have extensive experience in video compression and custom encoding. We specialize in deep learning for vision physiology, mathematical optimization, toolset integration, metadata, cloud computing and custom software development.


Our mission

Our mission is to imagine what video can do. Our clients have complex barriers to maximize the value of their video data. We transcend those barriers with transformative video solutions. Our clients imagine what they need their video to do and we build it.

Core values


Video is a universal language. Do whatever you want with video, anywhere in the world.


AI-driven strategies are the future of video encoding. Our machine learning algorithms continuously evolve the capacity of your solution.

Transformative Solutions

Transformative solutions are imagined first. Imagine how to make the most of your video data and we will build it.


We design compression algorithms and customized encoding strategies to enable optimal transmission of video data in any environment.

Latest Events


August 23rd
Calgary, Alberta

ConvergX UK Executive Round Table

September 9th to 11th
London, UK


September 10th to 13th
London, UK