The New Video Landscape

Photo by kutaytanir/iStock / Getty Images

The rapidly growing demand for video over the Internet has created a need for bandwidth optimization and quality content.  Customers are demanding the ability to view high-definition quality video content streaming over multiple media — TVs, PCs, and mobile devices.

Tveon's technology enables high-quality video content over lower throughput infrastructure without pixilation or stuttering, by using patent pending unique and proprietary end-to-end technology. 

Tveon offers a turnkey solution for existing content providers and operators to deliver high-quality video content using a fraction of current bandwidth and overall storage costs.


    • Software-based cloud encoder provides industry leading compression, while preserving the highest image quality

    • Dynamic encoding targets any device and network condition


  • Auto-scaling infrastructure supports high-volume, high-availability content encoding and distribution

  • Elastic scaling ramps up to deliver video for millions of viewers on millions of devices, spinning up the required compute and network resources only when they're needed.


  • Cloud-based infrastructure has a truly global reach, providing 24/7 delivery anywhere in the world

  • Robust design adapts to real-world network conditions, delivering the best experience possible in response to varying bandwidth and availability. Redundant design responds to failure to ensure system responsiveness

  • Extensive analytics capabilities allow the operator to monitor and respond to changing conditions and events across the system


  • The Tveon team has decades of experience in software development, network infrastructure, video encoding and distributed computing. The platform has been designed with flexibility and extensibility foremost in mind, enabling us to rapidly support many different use cases.

Tveon's software technology is the foundation of a robust and flexible encoding and transmission platform that is readily adaptable to a range of different applications